Q. Can I order anonymously?2018-11-06T19:50:53+00:00

Yes, you can do that but there has to be an actual person receiving the order on your behalf at the mentioned address . We do not support this practice as it would be difficult for you to collect the parcel from the local post as they ask your personal ID before releasing it to you.

Q. Do you ship to PO boxes?2018-11-06T19:50:59+00:00

Yes, but the order delivery requires signature upon delivery.

Q. Does the package show the contents or anything related from outside?2018-11-06T19:51:08+00:00

NO. The parcel is discreetly packed for complete privacy. The double layering of opaque packing material disables the visibility of the contents inside completely.

Q. What happens if the shipment gets stolen or lost?2018-11-06T19:53:17+00:00

We constantly track the order from our end. If anything like this happens, we reship the order immediately on realization without asking any questions.

Q. Do you offer expedite shipping?2018-11-06T19:53:24+00:00

No, we do not  offer expedite shipping but we have seen our orders being delivered before time. So you can expect early deliveries.

Q. How long does it take to deliver my order ?2018-11-06T19:53:31+00:00

8-12 business days from the date of purchase.

Q. Does your order get delayed ever ?2018-11-06T19:53:36+00:00

We assure all our deliveries in 8-12 business days but in some cases the order may get stuck in customs and cause delay.

We assure Reshipment or Refund in these cases.We do not offer reshipment to Australia, New Zealand , Canada, Singapore, South Korea.

Q. Can I track my order?2018-11-06T19:54:20+00:00

Yes, as soon as we receive your payment we send you an email with the Tracking Number within 48 hours through which you can track the location of your order.

Q. How soon will I get tracking number?2018-11-06T19:54:25+00:00

Within 48 hours from the date of reflection of payment in our system.

Q. Which countries do you ship to?2018-11-06T19:54:31+00:00

We ship everywhere in the world wherever drug importation is allowed.

Q. Can someone else receive my shipment on my behalf ?2018-11-06T19:54:37+00:00

Sure. But for collection from post office you’d need to show your personal ID.

Q. Which shipping methods do you use?2018-11-06T19:54:42+00:00

We use Express Mail Service (EMS) or Registered Airmail, depending on the destination country.

Q. Do I need to be present in person while collecting the parcel ?2018-11-06T19:54:47+00:00

Yes. But if you are unavailable, then you can collect the parcel from your local post office.

Q. Are products from your manufacturer reliable in terms of quality as compare to their branded counterpart which is available in my country ?2018-11-06T19:39:20+00:00


Q. Is It legal to buy and Import your product in my country ?2018-11-06T19:34:38+00:00

All the medications we sell in this store is legally available either over the counter or as prescription only almost everywhere. Still we suggest you to check your local country laws before ordering from us.

Q. Do you accept any other standard form of payment like Paypal or Wire Transfer?2018-11-06T19:39:32+00:00

No, because they don’t accept pharmaceutical businesses.

Q. Why do you need my phone number during checkout?2018-11-06T19:39:38+00:00

We do not need this in particular but incase of an issue with your order, phone support is the fastest way of reaching you.

Q. How can I use discount coupons?2018-11-06T19:39:48+00:00

Just apply the coupon code while checkout and you are good to go !

Q. Do you offer refunds?2018-11-06T19:26:23+00:00

Yes. We do provide refunds but not if the mistake is on your side while providing the shipping address or if it’s an error of the mail forwarding service you use.We also deny refund if you are not available for order pickup or you refuse to accept the order.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?2018-11-06T19:25:38+00:00

We currently accept Bitcoin, Western Union & MoneyGram. You can easily & safely buy bitcoin using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal – see this website for more information.